TONIC Eyewear Winning Kayaker Report.

My tournament started out in 6.5m to 7m near the Islands. I was throwing a whole bunch of things to start with from blades and vibes to a few different plastics but I found that the fish really liked small paddle tails. 1 3/4 inch ecogear grass minnows in color 161 and some 2 inch shads in white were working really well. The bite was pretty fun and the bream were taking the lures midway through the first lift a lot of the time. The plastics were rigged on a gamakatsu round 29 jighead in size 4, 1/11 weight. The combo used to deliver these lures was a Lox Ambassador Hybrid 610LS matched to a shimano soare C2000PGSS loaded with 7lb gosen merabin pe and 2lb sunline fc leader. This combo is ridiculously light and responsive which helps detect those subtle bites some days. After getting what i thought was a reasonable bag I spent the rest of the session running around checking spots for day 2.

It took me a while to get to my spot from day 1 on the second day but first cast there saw me put a pretty reasonable fish in the well. The bite was a lot different for me on day 2 and it took me a while and a fair bit of running around to work it out but I eventually found some fish in 4.5m to 5m. After missing a bunch of tentative bites I dropped the jighead weight down to 1/20th and things turned around really quick. The bream were biting like snapper and hitting the slowly falling plastics on the first drop. The first fish to be landed on the lighter jig heads was a 1.09 kilo fish and a short but hot bite saw me turn over the live well a few times and ended up with a 30.5, 32 and 36+ forker for a weight of 2.32 kilo.
I planned on fishing another 15 minutes but those first few puffs of the southerly started coming and I decided to play it safe and get back to the finish line.
Great call on the early finish guys.

It turned out to be a really tight finish between Scott Marcinkowski and myself and I wasn’t sure which way it went until they called the results.

Congrats again to Scott and Simon on 2nd and 3rd.

Also congrats to team Breamski for winning the boats and teams Caught Out Spinning, and Gamaktsu/Duffrods finishing 2nd and 3rd in the boats.

Big thanks to Lox rods and Ian and all the hard working crew from Basin lure and fly southern bream series and the sponsors for making these the fun events they are.

Stewie Dunn