Sydney Harbour R2 Round Up.

Despite the ominous weather warnings, we had a great turnout for Round 2 of the Hobie Polarized Southern Bream Series in Sydney Harbour. 85 boats and 36 kayaks entered with 429 fish weighed in. Only 12 Teams/Kayakers didn’t weigh in fish.

Thanks again to all our sponsors, without them, all this wouldn’t be possible. Hobie Polarized SunglassesHobie FishingCompleat Angler & Camping World NowraCharted Waters – Australian Fishing MapsCranka LuresHurricane Lures Australia, Pro Lure AustraliaFishing WorldTotally Immersed Watersports, EvaDeck, SHIMANO, Australia Fishing.

The rain leading up to the event made the water clarity poor, and wet weather gear was tested out on the day. Luckily the high winds didn’t eventuate allowing our kayakers to travel afar. Andrew Death was victorious with 3 fish for a 1.92kg bag.

“My Sydney harbour round started really well. My first cast (at a boat) on the way out of Hen and Chicken bay resulted in a solid bream around 30 fork length. I was thinking 6.5 hours to go and only two more required…. good start.

I had a plan to fish boats and pontoons all the way to Fivedock and Gladesville. My second fish came off a floating barge using OSP dolive craws. He was only a little fellow and did not spend long in my live well.

The third fish came off a pontoon using a cranka crab. He was only a little fellow too and also did not stay for long.

With three in the well it was upgrade time. I was able to upgrade the two small fish from 27 tip to 27 fork quickly. Around 9 am the fish seemed to slow down. I changed to hard body lures under boats and was able to wake a couple up, this meant I caught a couple more small upgrades.
At 11.30 the fish seemed to come back on and I landed a bunch of small legals on various plastics.
Probably the most notable catch was when I cast at a boat against a pontoon and the plastic bounced over the mooring rope and landed softly next to a pole.  The rod loaded up quickly and the fish pulled drag and went around the pole. I could feel the line rubbing and I backed the drag off. I then manoeuvred my kayak awkwardly over to the pole and passed the rod under the rope and around the pole. I can now go backwards on my hobie…. but I needed sideways. Fortunately when I reconnected with the lure the fish was still on and he was tired, so landing was easy. The leader line was shredded and had to be retied.

I had a good day on the water and was lucky enough to edge in front of Kevo by a mere 40 grams. I used a bunch of lures with the following few producing the best. OSP dolive craws, Berkeley fire bait drop shot minnows, cranka crabs and Pontoon 21 greedy guts. The rod I used most was an edge rod with Diana luvias spooled with Gosen casting braid.

The most notable tackle for me was the Gamma 4lb leader which got hammered around a pole and still held together. This leader is expensive, comes on ridiculous length spools and stock is often and issue….. but it is the best leader I have ever used. You should get some.”

Some boaters braved the rougher conditions out the front, but the win went to a local team ‘Couple of Old Guys”, Greg Silva and John Picton. They weighed in a very respectable 4.07kg the only bag of the day to break the 4kg mark.

Greg tells us “We we’re going to leave our game plan until the morning of the comp due to the heavy rain Sydney had experienced. While I was cruising around the islands for my 60th birthday,  we saw the colour of the water and knew we had small tides. The one thing that we both decided was we must stay in the main river where the flow would be at its best. So basically, we decided to do what we do on the Harbour and fish structure with a combination of Cranka Crabs & Berkley Craws in camo colour. The water being so dirty, looking for clean water was first up.

Starting with the famous coat hanger in sight that’s exactly what we did. We didn’t get cricket score numbers but most of the bream we got were of consistent weight. As I said at the presentation I pulled hooks a lot but we were both relaxed and being a local who regularly fishes the harbour I knew it would happen.

We had a great day and we were very surprised the bag was a winning one so basically in a nutshell we didn’t stay very long in any spots and fished up and down Parramatta River all day. Having the new self deployed Ulterra Electric Motor definitely helped a couple of old guys.”

Great to see locals take out the day, they walked away with over $3,300 in prize money, not bad for a day on the water.

The Big Bream was heavily contested with lots of fish weighed in over 1kg, but team Leisure Coast Big and Tackle, Matt Green and Callan Young took out the prize with a 1.2kg fish.

Round 3 is on 2nd April Clyde River Batemans Bay, see you all there.

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