St. Georges Basin R5 Round Up.

Round 5 on the Basin.

How different can 2 days be! Day 1 saw the lake glassed out with many predicting a hard days fishing with lots of donuts. However only 4 boats and 6 kayaks didn’t weigh in a fish, leaving it pretty close for Sunday’s fishing. The wind was up Sunday morning before they even hit the water and it was a challenge for all to diversify their fishing talents and bring home the bags.

Team Compleat Angler Batemans Bay/Shimano, Jason Mayberry and Terry Parmenter, called on local knowledge and proved consistency counts with 2 bags over 3kg. Bringing back 5 fish both days with Day 1’s bag weighing 3.11kg and Day 2’s topping that at 3.51kg.
Day 1 started with team: Compleat Angler Batemans Bay/ Shimano fishing where the weed meets the sand in about 1m of water. First cast of the day produced our first legal Bream. We both thought that the day would go downhill from there…..not 5 casts later and we had 2 in the live well. It wasn’t long and our 3rd made it into the net, casting small grubs onto the sand and working them into the weed were they were ‘dead sticked’. We would feel a solid bite then set the hook. A small move to another weed bed close by saw our 4th and 5th in next to no time. Just past 8am and our first upgrade which turned out to be the biggest fish in our bag for the day at 33fork length.

We decided then to leave the spots for the 2nd day and potentially ‘’pre fish’’ for the rest of the day to hopefully find another good congregation of Bream. We upgraded again at the next couple of spots on the South Western shore line throwing both Squidgy Lobby’s and smash baits then all went quiet for a while. Spot hoping from weed bed to edge to flat we struggled to even find bycatch. The last hour of the day we pushed up towards the islands. Here we fished black Ecogear blades in around 10’ and managed a couple of quick upgrades before the day was done. Weighing 3.110kg we found ourselves starting day 2 in 5th position.
Day 2 and we headed back to the same spot to start the day. With the extra wind we set up our drift casting up onto the sand and working the plastic back into the weed. The Bream were more aggressive and we had filled our bag by 7:28am. Upgrading at 7:32 we noted that we had a slightly better class of fish. We moved to our 2nd spot with no luck as it had already seen 2 boats over it in the first hour. With the wind building we decided to take a look at some flats we thought hadn’t seen too many boats over the two previous days.

Arriving at our new location, we were the only boat there. We fished several flats which produced a few upgrades with the best going 35 fork length. We then proceeded to have one of the best Winter bites I have experienced with several double hook ups. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a lot of upgrades but we both were having an absolute ball. We pushed out to some deeper spots at about midday and struggled. 2pm came around quickly and we headed back knowing we had done everything we could and hoping to at least hold onto 5th position. It wasn’t long before we realised we had a chance as we watched higher placed teams leaving without weighing or weighing only a couple of fish. Our bag pulling the scales down to 3.51kg with a total bag weight on 6.62kg which was enough to claim the win. The most productive lures over the weekend were Squidgy Bloodworm Wriggler in both 80mm and 100mm, Squidgy Lobby, 2” walleye grub in pumpkin seed and Smash Baits all fished on jigheads ranging from 1/28th hidden weight to 2g Squidgy ball head using 2lb and 3lb straight through fluorocarbon on a mix of Stradic CI4 and Twinpower reels.
We want to say a huge thanks to Shimano and Compleat Angler Batemans Bay for the continued support this year. We would also like to thank Lynette and the team for running the series. Thanks also must go to the sponsors that have gotten behind the series to make it what it is. Last of all a huge thanks to all the anglers that fish these events. It’s great to see a heap of new faces mixed in with the old. See you all at Round 6 on the Hawkesbury River.

Jason Meech, Samaki/Pro Lure took out the Kayak section with a Day 1 bag of 3 fish for 1.79kg and Day 2, 3 fish for 2.02kg.
What a good weekend away and even got the win!

On pre fish I looked in the deep for the best part of the day with no wind I found two fish in 15 feet of water on a blade and after finding nothing else, that was it, I was fishing off Palm Beach tomorrow. I went in and meet up with a few guys.
Day 1 and blades rigged on every rod, I went to my first spot.Tthe sounder was full of bait and fish but they did not play the game so I moved on to spot 2 and once again nothing. I had tried everything and could not get them to bite. By 10:30 it was time to change and go shallow. I was meet with bait hopping around and what seemed to be bream chasing the bait. After a few minutes I saw a fish come to my lure and that made me try a surface lure. Right then my day changed and in about an hour I had four bream all around 30cm to the tip in length. The wind got up and I changed to a shallow crank bait and got around another ten fish with a few small upgrades along the way and come in at 1.79 kg putting me 3rd.

Day 2 I went back to the shallows knowing the fish where there and the wind was going to blow. My confidence was very high and it did not take long to put a bag together with the black crank from the day before doing the damage. Knowing there was big fish there I just keep drifting it and got small upgrades but no real big ones. At the end of the day I came in a 2.03kg and got the win. The rod I used was a Samaki zing 7″6 flats, Samaki braid and leader. Lures as always were pro lure s36 black crank and sf62 pencil pearl shrimp. Big thanks to everyone who ran the event and to my sponsors.

Thanks to Hobie Polarized’s generous prizes, we were able to have a prize for both Kayak and Boat Big Bream. Carl Dubois – Team Gladiator Tackle, took out the Kayak section with his 1.38kg fish and Black O’Grady and Tracy Yuen, Team Samurai Rods/Atomic Lures, smashed the Boat section with their whopping 1.88kg bream.

These are the stats for the two days. The average weight per fish for the weekend was just over 800grams, this of course was pushed up by the few horses that were caught.

Day 1 total number of bream weighed Day 1 Total weight of bream
Boats 250 132kg
Kayaks 30 17kg
Day 2 total number of bream weighed Day 2 Total weight of bream
Boats 199 102kg
Kayaks 29 15.88kg

Thanks again to everyone for a great weekend. The volunteers whom without, we wouldn’t have a comp, the Basin Lure and Fly Anglers and to our sponsors Hobie Polarized, Hobie Fishing, Compleat Angler Nowra, Cranka Lures, Charted Waters, EvaDeck, Hurricane Lures Australia, Nomad Tackle, Pro Lure Australia, Shimano Fishing Australia, Totally Immersed Water Sports, Fishing World.

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