SBS GF Winning Kayaker Report.

Southern Bream Series Grand Final 2014.
My day one started like any other competition day. All new leaders and a mixed selection of lures tied on. My lure types included surface, plastic, hard body lures as well as a blade. I had a very basic plan to fish the edges with surface lures and shallow running hard bodies, then slowly work my way out into the deeper water. This is not my usual plan for St Georges Basin, but given the weather and rising water temperatures it was my plan for the day.
My first fish came at 8:30 cranking the flats in around 2m. It is always good to take the donut out of the equation. After that I didn’t see a legal bream until the wind started to puff around 12pm. As the first decent wind ripples spread across the water I saw a prawn skipping within casting distance. I landed a small surface lure just past the commotion. With a few quick flicks an 840gm bream jumped all over it and I landed my second bream. One more to go…Full bags win comps… I thought. At 12:45 and still two in the well, I saw a decent bream flash underneath my lure. I waited patiently, not wanting to pull the lure any closer. I gave it another tiny flick. Then it was gone! I had 20 minutes of fishing time to go and three in the well. Happy days!
With a total weight of 1.74kg I placed second over night and was just 10gms behind Shane Taylor on1.75kg.
Day two arrived and I had decided to follow the same plan as on day one. After just ten minutes of fishing time I was not “feeling it”, so I decided to move a little deeper. I started with plastics and caught two flathead. Sometimes I like to catch something just get my confidence up. Switching to a blade I caught my first tiny but legal bream for the day. Two to go..
I was counting the blade down. I seemed to stop short. I lifted the rod and it loaded up. I had only 4 lb leader and I had the “nana drag” on. Because of the light drag setting I didn’t realize just how big this bream was. Even though the weed where I was fishing was quite sparse I did feel it rubbing on the fish and leader. When the fish emerged from under the kayak he was spent and netting him was a simple yet rewarding process. He was only connected by one hook point and this all but fell out. I think if the drag had been tighter I would not have seen this beast of a bream. With a death grip on the fish, I carefully slid him into the live well(insert big sigh).
7:30 and one to go. Seems easy. Stewart Dunn came close to where I was fishing and proceeded to show me how to catch a couple of bream. He does that often. I had done three drifts without a bream and got totally psyched out. I had to go. I knew if I just went and threw blades all day I the deep I would definitely find a third fish.
At around 12pm after travelling all around the basin I finally hooked something decent. I disconnected my drift chute and gave chase. This chase lead me straight through Gary Brown’s drift and he and Dave had to stop casting for a while. Even though the fight lasted too long to be a bream I could not bring myself to snap it off. After about ten minutes I landed a tailor between 50-60 cm.
Time was ticking, back to the shallows to try some surface lures now that the wind had started to come in.
1pm, still no bream. In my head I was thinking “you have blown it, how could you wreck it up!” or words to that effect. There was a maximum of five minutes fishing time left. I did not want to risk a penalty with such a big bream in the well. Three minutes and my shallow running hard body received a little bump. Next cast, .. Bang! It felt like a bream. I held the rod high and wound continuously against the light drag trying to keep from being bricked. To my delight another bream around a kilo was soon aboard my yak.
At the weigh-in I held my breath as the scales ticked over and landed on 2.99 kg. This is the biggest bag I have weighed in Nsw.
Time for big bream. We plucked out the other two bream and placed him back on the scales. 1.74kg! A new PB for me and also big bream for the competition.
I couldn’t stop smiling. I am still smiling.
Two of the bream I caught ate a Crank 38 in Muddy Prawn colour. I chose this lure because its one of my ‘comfort lures ‘ and it casts a long way. The prawn chasing bream took a K9 Pup also in Muddy Prawn. The big bream took an Atomic Metal in Hay U colour ¼ oz. I like this blade because it has two UV colours and casts a mile. All my trebles were upgraded to Gamakatasu Wide Gap hooks. I also caught the huge tailor on a tiny Gamakatsu Round 29 size 4 1/11.This is a super fine hook with an effective barb.
I was using rods from the Samurai Inflict range. The soft action of the 2-4kg rod definitely helps to keep the hooks in the fish.
Congratulations to Shane Taylor for second place in his first competition year and also to Scott Marcinkowski who finished in third. Well done guys.
Thanks to Frogleys offshore for their continued support. Thanks also to Hobie Australia and Totally Immersed Watersports. Finally thanks to the committee from Basin Lure And Fly for doing what ever needed to be done to bring the Southern Bream Series back. Thanks Andrew Death