R4 Winning Kayaker Report.

The Shoalhaven river is usually one of the toughest venues on the tournament arena, but this year it seemed to yield more fish than usual even though the weather was less than desirable. I’m guessing the time of year and good tides played a large role in that. I did not prefish, but I was pretty sure that the spots I have fished here in the past would work ok.

I headed hard right from the start and made my way up river to fish racks in fairly shallow water. The shallow ones first while the tide was still up and then the deeper ones as the tide began to receed. The first hour was a little tough as I was trying to work out a pattern and by 830am things started to come together and the fish started coming. To catch the bream I used Prolure Live Yabbies with a 1/28th HWS Jighead.


It was quite tricky to fish this light due to the wind, so the key was to keep the rod low and stay in contact with the line. I did not try and look for line takes but rather tried as best as I could to feel the bite. Using this pattern and by about 1030am I had a solid bag with several upgrades. When the bite slowed in the racks and the water started to rip out, I headed to a weedy egde near by and cranked up another 3 legals, but no upgrades. I continued to fish the edges near racks in search for further upgrades but to no avail.

All up I had a very cold, wet, but fun day on the Shoalie with 12 legals in all.

Congratulations to all of the other placings in both the kayaks and the boats .

Huge thanks to Ian and the team from Basin lure and Fly and all of the associated sponsors. Special thanks to Chris from Totally Immersed Watersports as the round 4 sponsor.

Thanks to all other competitors

Special mention to Gary from Rockdale Sports Fishing Tackle who tweaked a couple of reels for me the day before and to Adam from Fishin.com. The day before the Clyde round, Adam was kind enough to organise to get some gear down to me. We really need these type of guys around us to keep everything running smooth.

Finally, thanks to Heath from Pro Lure Australia for all your support.