Mallacoota R4 Wrap Up.

Mallacoota hasn’t been fishing the big bags of late that it is notorious for, but Round 4 of the Hobie Polarized Southern Bream Series held last weekend proved that the big fish are still out there, it’s just a matter of finding and then landing them.
Plenty of fish were weighed to compete for the Shimano Big Bream prize, but it was not one, but two 1.31kg bream that took out the honours for Team Hobie Fishing – Tanya Konsul, Jason Harlock and Bream Chasers Inc – Brad Andrlon, Nathan Annen.
Hurricane Lures Monster Mover is a new award for this series. It’s awarded at two day events for the team who has the biggest increase in their bag weights from day one. This Round it was won by McBarron Constructions – Jarryd McBarron and Jarad Sullivan with an impressive improvement from a donut on day one to a bag of 3.34kg on day two.
The kayaks wisely decided not to venture out in the breezy conditions on Sunday, so results were based on Saturday’s fishing. Peter Christensen took out the event, his first win, with 3 fish weighing in for 2.21kg.
“I’ve wanted to visit Mallacoota for years now after reading about huge bags of monster sized bream. So to say I was excited to fish this round would be an understatement. I’d like to say that I had a solid plan in place, but a late arrival on Friday afternoon ruled out a pre-fish, so I’d be fishing mostly on instinct.

Looking at previous reports and using the Chartered Waters map of the system, I decided to fish drop offs in bottom lake and failing that, head to the edges.

Day 1: My day started around Rabbit Island where I quickly picked up an undersized 26cm bream on a Cranka Crab. I continued to fish this area for an hour or so before making the trek across to Goodwin Sands. I fished the drop off around this large sand flat for a few hours, but didn’t land a single fish. At this stage I was starting to feel a bit disheartened.

After giving myself a bit of a pep talk, I stuck to the plan and headed to the edges, the closest of which was the shoreline behind Goodwin Sands. I noticed one part of the shoreline which seemed to drop off into deeper water much quicker than the rest, so I cast a Squidgy Lobby in Dusk on a 1/40 TT HWS jig head tight against the rocky shoreline. A gentle twitch of the rod tip and it was hit by a solid 800g bream. One fish on board and I was feeling much better.

I moved back into the same stretch and made another cast which was also hit immediately. This was a much bigger fish, over a kilo, and with only 4lb fluorocarbon main line, I let it do whatever it wanted. A few nervous moments later it was in the live well.

Once again I cast to the same bank for the same result, though a smaller fish of about 400g. But three fish in three casts, how good is this!

I continued to fish this area for a few hours and landed some more legals, but no upgrades. I headed back to the finish feeling good that I had a bag of around 2kg, which should put me in a good position for Day 2. At the weigh in it came in at 2.21kg and surprisingly had me in first place.

Day 2: I arrived at the launch site where a few other kayakers had already decided amongst themselves that they weren’t prepared to fish in the predicted strong winds. After the rest of the field and the tournament director arrived it was put to a vote and decided that it wasn’t worth the risk to proceed. Therefore it was to become a one day competition and I was handed my first win.

I’ve fished this series since 2010 through it’s various name changes as a boater and now as a kayaker, but have never taken out a round, so this one really means a lot.

I’d like to thank all of the organisers, the sponsors and fellow competitors for making this competition such an enjoyable experience!

See you all at the next round.”

Boating Team Hobie Polarized/Lowrance – Mark Crompton and Cole Hutchison made an awesome come back from 19th place on 3.05kg on day one to take the win with an impressive 2nd day bag of 5.22kg.

“Unfortunately due to school commitments my usual partner Col Hutchinson was substituted by his dad Scott for this round at coota much to the disgust of Col.
Scott and I have known each other since primary school days and finally fishing together in a tournament was long overdue!

Our prefish consisted of mostly looking around taking notes on water temp and clarity but mostly looking for actual bream schools on our Lowrance 3D imaging units.We only caught 1 fish on prefish and honestly I was kind of disappointed to have caught it as it was not a bad fish.

Day one we finally got the hooks on the waterway and basically looked at this day as day 2 of our prefish and attempting to work out what the fish we had previously found the day before would eat. It’s a technique I have adopted and use in every tournament now. We managed to scrape a bag of 3.05kg putting us in 19th using mostly shrimp imitation style plastic like juros, gulp shrimp & nemesis as well as a few silent hard bodies like TD minnows and kamsins. All these fish came from no great pattern for all individual stops ie one here, one there.

Day 2 and out came the wind!!!!!
We were quietly air rooting when we heard the wind was coming as the 2-3 spots our biggest fish came from would work perfect for this wind direction. We had 2 spots in the bottom lake we wanted to fish early and made a lucky decision due to the fact the one we picked would get the most traffic. By 5 casts in we had a 28f and a 41f on board on cutdown jurors by Scott then I managed to add to the party with a few then Scott got our 5th fish on a hurricane blade which went 37f. By this stage around 9am we knew we had roughly 4.8kg but we knew we would need at least 5kg to even remotely be dangerous from how far back we were day one.

We proceeded to play around on a few other banks to rest our original gutter line. Doing this gave use several smaller fish and one upgrade.We then made the ultimate decision to grind out the rest of the day at spot A which would give us 2 more upgrades including a 35f and another 37f. Many man hugs were shared and the occasional check of the live well were thrown in just to check if we were dreaming!

We put our luck down to going ultra light and ultra slow even in high winds and ground out where we knew big fish were as we had met them on prefish day thanks to our Lowrance 3D structure scan. Shallow water anchors also helped a lot!

Scott, Colin and I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Kime family for all their hard work putting Hobie Polarized SBS together this year as well as all the sponsors involved!

Most of all we would like to thank our fellow competitors, our tournament fraternity is stronger than ever and we thank our lucky stars we get to share all this with y’all!!!!
Cheers readers!!!!”

Once again, another great weekend, with a great bunch of people. See you all in the Basin, 17-18th June.


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