Hobie Fishing R3 Winning Kayaker Report.

Hi Everyone

Well let me start by saying that I don’t believe in superstition…. I’m afraid it might bring me bad luck!
In saying that, if I was to give my biggest secret away, my pre comp ritual is to have garlic bread and lots of it (sponsors anyone???)
It’s not that the odour of garlic helps to attract the fish anymore than my wife is willing to share a bed with me the same night. I just love the stuff.
On Saturday my mate Lynden and I decided to have a quick look around the system at a very early 8.00am start… I learned a valuable lesson in that although we didn’t catch many bream , we did work out what to do and what not to do…. don’t spend too much time in the racks because there wasn’t heaps of fish there and do fish mangroves and weedbeds.

I had a bad start on game day. No leaders tied and a splitting headache at 5.00am in the morning. I hope ASADA don’t look into fishing comps as I am guilty of 400mg of Ibuprofin…just what the doctor ordered.

Anyway I decided that the best lure options would be surface pencils(something I never usually do in comps) and shallow water cranks( matt black cranks) One of the excellent features of the Prolure S36 cranks is their ability to cast a mile, a very good feature for shallow clear water. A plastic just in case the opportunity was there. After fishing the Prolure Live Yabbies for the past few months, I had to have one tied on.

From the start I headed to the first Island where I cranked a 26 tipper after 5 minutes ( new it would probably shrink but put it in the well anyway).There was not a lot of water on this weedy edge and the bite didn’t come so I quickly moved into the racks behind the Island where I managed a 28 tipper and a couple of nice estuary perch which I wished were bream. After half an hour or so of very little action I decided to head back to fishing weedy flats around the island and buy some time before moving to the mangroves but to no avail. It was at this point at about 8.15 am I made my move to fish surface in the mangroves. The fish were fired up and after about 20 minutes I had a bag and upgraded the 26 tipper. By 10.00 I had probably caught 5 or 6 legals which included a nice upgrade caught on a Prolure Live Yabbie in pearl green colour ripped across the top of some shallow racks near the mangroves. A couple of undersize and then the bite suddenly stopped. I think this was because the fish had moved too far up the back of the mangroves so I moved up river a to try some deeper rocky edges. This turned out to be a time filler as I didn’t see another fish for the next hr or so. Once the tide turned I headed back to the mangroves where I managed to pull a nice upgrade(32 forker). By now I had the bag that I would eventually weigh but I did manage another couple of legals before I headed back to the weigh in.

I was really happy to find out I had the winning bag which also earned a place in the Hobie Grand Final.

Congratulations to Eric and Carl for second and third respectively in the kayaks and to the top five boaters ( 3kg plus on the Clyde….Awesome) Thanks to all other boat and kayak competitors and huge thanks once again to Ian and the committee from Basin Lure and Fly for another awesome event.

Finally, thanks to Heath from Prolure for your continued support.