Hobie Fishing R3 Winning Boaters Report.

Hi guys let us start by expressing our massive thanks to all competitors and committee members the amount of congratulations and positive feedback from everyone has been overwhelming.

Well our day started a lot slower than we anticipated. With a low tide starting the tournament, we had a set of oyster leases in mind that have been really good to us in the past, but there wasn’t enough water covering them, so a snap decision was made to fish the middle reef or what is also known as the carpark to start off. We fished here for about an hour as the water level raised without turning a scale. It was now we were happy with the height of the tide and proceeded excitingly to the racks earlier discussed. We spent the next 2 and a half hours casting our whole tackle bag and dodging oyster rock piles to remain with an empty live well. It was 1030 am and the old voice in the back of our heads was constantly reminding us we need a fish soon. We decided to play the percentage game and head back out to the reef. The tide was really rocketing Paul tied on a gulp shrimp and I grabbed a new heavy Cranka crab. I had not previously used one of these before but thought why not… A short time later Paul set the hooks on a nice fish, our first legal we were stoked as we started calling the new boat donut king… Another half an hour went by as the tide started slowing and finally my Crab went clunk which saw a 2nd bream make it to the live well. We had 2 at around 1130 and confidence was building. As the tide stopped Paul said “lets go hit the main bridge pylons”, and off we went.

At the bridge pylons the tide had just started its run in. We both placed tight casts rite on the structure with heavy crabs, these casts were rewarded with 3 solid fish in the space of half an hour before the tide started to run hard again. We then decided to spend the last hour fishing some racks close to the weigh in. Paul managed to pull 2 upgrades out of some of the nastiest looking racks I have seen in the Clyde system. He flicked his atomic crank in muddy prawn colour over 3 sets and slow rolled it back were it would get crunched. I observed some pretty impressive angling watching him boat these fish!

Overall it was a great day on the water with a lot of luck and some really good team decisions.

Thanks heaps everyone and we can’t wait to tackle the Shoalhaven river round!!

Liam and Paul.

If you need a win just call your Team 'Need A Win' it worked for Paul Wilson and Liam Carruthers for 1st place boating

If you need a win just call your Team ‘Need A Win’ it worked for Paul Wilson and Liam Carruthers for 1st place boating