Hawksbury River R6 Wrap Up.

Round 6 on the Hawkesbury certainly proved challenging with only 5 Boat teams weighing in a full bag. Out of 76 teams only 44 weighed in fish. No kayakers managed a full bag with the top two rankers bringing back 2 fish each. 114 fish were weighed in on the day weighing a total of 59.54kgs, an average weight of just over half a kilo per fish.

Although elusive, good fish were certainly out there with a few weighing in over 1kg. Gary Nano and Adam Viksne, Team Out Castin certainly pushed up the average and took home the Shimano Big Bream prize with an impressive 1.42kg fish.

The unexpected wind in the afternoon certainly made the final hours and return home a challenge.

Damien Skeen and Matt Starr of BASSnCHIPS took home the winners cheque for the boaters with a 3.25kg bag. Here’s their write up for the day.

Winning Boat Team report

Heading up for a prefish on the Hawkesbury River a few weeks earlier, this was Matt’s first time on this waterway and I myself had not fished a winter round here since the last SBS was held quite a few years ago.

Three weeks out and a lot can change as to where you find fish and where they may be come comp day. Having a few spots up my sleeve that seem to produce fish regardless of the time of year was a bonus, so we relied on these to hopefully hold a fish or 2. Our pre fish went well with some nice fish falling victim to a Blade Run past mooring blocks. Depth was the key to finding fish, with 5-7 metres holding the majority of the fish we found.

Sunday Comp Day:
Hoping to put 5 fish in the well early, we drove to our first spot along Scotland Island. Going with confidence throwing blades, Matt was throwing a Hurricane VIBZ37 in Camo Crab colour and I was throwing a Berkeley Powerblade in Shell. 2 casts in and Matt comes up tight on our first fish for the day and puts a 28 forker in the well. We persisted for another hour working the mooring blocks along this section to no avail, so it was time for a move.

A short trip across the bay to Clareville where each side has plenty of boats to target, it was just hopefully a matter of finding the hungry ones. We moved through a few boats before I picked up a small but legal fish, number 2 in the well. On the very next cast Matt came up tight on a decent fish and after a short fight number 3 makes its way to the net, and it’s a tidy fish at 31 fork. The next half an hour saw the fish come on the chew. The following cast I hooked straight up and it felt like a reasonable fish! After a bit of zipping around, number 4 made its way to the net and it was another 31 forker.

We set back up and I cast straight at a new mooring block. One lift and bang, hooked up again and number 5 makes its way into the well completing a full bag by around 9:45am. Over the next run of boats we managed to put a 33 forker and another 31 forker in the well to upgrade our bag twice.

We spent the remainder of the day working through mooring blocks, picking up a small Jew fish, the odd small red and flathead. We managed a few more bream bites through the course of the day, but nothing better than what we already had in the well.

Coming in to weigh-in slightly early, we noticed that a lot of boats had already left and only small bags seemed to be hitting the scales. We were super happy with getting a bag on a tough day, but with 3.25kg we didn’t even contemplate being in contention, especially considering the fish this system has to offer and previous comps having 5kg plus bags to win.

It was a bit beyond our belief when BASSnCHIPS was called up for 1st Place, with Matt and I in quiet a state of shock. Yeeewww, we had finally cracked a win!

Using FC Rock Bream Specialist in 4lb leader gave Matt and me plenty of confidence in the bite. We didn’t change lures all day, only sticking to 2 patterns in blades which were a Hurricane VIBZ37 in Camo Crab colour and a Berkley Powerblade in Shell colour.

A big thanks to Lynette and the Tournament Committee on doing a great job as always, and to our loving partners Tania and Kelly for supporting us as always.

Damien and Matt

Winning Kayaker Report

Glenn Allen, SAMAKI/ Ecooda/ HunterWater Sports, worked had to bring home the winners cheque for the Kayakers with a 1kg bag.

“Paddled straight out to Scotland island first up. My plan was to fish the shady side of the island before the sun got too high. First pontoon I fished I pulled a nice fish.

Thought my plan had worked well at first but as I went around the corner 2 more kayaker’s were already fishing the same area I was going to hit next so I left it for them and headed to the western side of the lake hoping I could find some more deep shady areas. The water was just so clear I think the fish were seeing me first and wouldn’t play.

After that I headed to the deep and started sounding out the bottom looking for school fish with no luck.

By now I only had a couple of hours left so decided to finish up on boat hulls. Getting out of the wind was the key to fish them properly. Within the last hour I got 2 solid hook ups. One got me on a rope the other one I landed.

So over the whole day I only got 3 bites. Landing 2 fish for a 1kg. That was enough to take out 1st in the tough conditions. The Avocado SAMAKI boombait grubs fished very slow got the bites.”

Thanks again to all our sponsors, without them, all this wouldn’t be possible. Hobie Polarized Sunglasses, Hobie Fishing, Compleat Angler & Camping World Nowra, Charted Waters – Australian Fishing Maps, Cranka Lures, Hurricane Lures Australia, Pro Lure Australia, Fishing World, Totally Immersed Watersports, EvaDeck, SHIMANO, Australia Fishing.

See you all at the last round, 10th September at Botany Bay.