Fishing World Round 6 Winning Kayaker Report.


St George’s Basin Kayak Report

Well I have to say that I am totally stoked about the result yesterday.

There is no doubt that the Basin is an awesome venue and a great place to visit but for me it has always been a challenging place to fish and even though I had a win it still is tough for me.

I arrived at the basin on Saturday morning at about 11.00am for a prefish. I planned to fish deep for comp day so I headed out in the deep and while seeing others doing it really easily, I couldn’t win a trick. I had a few tips from fellow competitors but I didn’t know what I was going to do comp day. The only thing I had up my sleeve was a never give up attitude, persist regardless.

What a cracking day is was on Sunday, a nice warm winters day.

From the start I headed straight out to 6 metres and tried looking for bait on my sounder. I kept moving into deeper water until I found it and when I almost got to bream beach, I found bait and lots of it. The only problem was that there was either no bream under it or they were not hungry.

It was coming on 10.30am and not a touch and then finally a hook up, a little bit of weight but is was just a small flounder. Felt bigger in deeper water. By 11.00am I had just about had enough and then the wind picked up a little so I decided to hit the flats back on the other side and that’s when it all came together.

As I was heading onto the flats I got to three metres and there was a cardinal marker next to me.
I threw a ProLure Matt black vibe at it. On the first lift I was hooked up solid and the 3lb started peeling off and after a tense tussle I had my first fish in the well and at just over a kilo, a great feeling.

I then proceeded into less water and threw a matt black Prolure lure crank on 4lb straight though. Then at the right moment it all came together for me. They great thing about the Prolure cranks is that they cast like bullets and rise very slowly. I picked up another 4 or five legals all of the same size at about 32cm and by 12.00pm I had a competitive bag. I didn’t think it would be enough to win but it was and I was stoked. How things can change so quickly never ceases to amaze me.

No other fish after that but great to be on the water.

I would like to say a huge thanks to Compleat Angler for the Big Bream sponsor prize and also to all the other associated sponsors to the event. Thanks to all other competitors for making it such an enjoyable event. Massive thanks to Basin Lure and Fly for this awesome series and last but not least a special mention to Heath McGeachie from Prolure Australia for onging support.



Note: The Basin Lure & Fly Anglers Club would like to thank Compleat Angler Nowra for honouring their commitment to the Big Bream prize of a SHIMANO Ci4 reel valued at $250.