Fishing World Round 6 Winning Boaters Report.

Fred Green and myself hit the water early Saturday morning armed with a box full of Freds’ New Design Fg Blades’. We headed for a spot close to where we launched and had instant success with a couple of Bream and a really big flathead but when the Tailor moved in we moved out.

Next spot number 14 on the fish finder and on the first cast a nice 32 fork followed by another then another that was a bag and we hadn’t been on the water even an hour. We decided then and there spot 14 would be the go and off we took. We spent a couple of hours in Erowal Bay and picked up a few bream but it was pretty tough not to mention the pelting rain that set off the Floating Key Ring Device. It didn’t look like it was raining over Kangaroo Point so we headed over.

It was loaded with bait and we constantly caught fish even some double headers but spot 14 was still where we wanted to start and after taking off at position 13 on Sunday Morning we headed straight for it and we were not disappointed. Within 20 minutes we had 5 in the boat nothing huge but a bag none the less, we continually caught fish even some double headers and as the morning went on they even got so slightly bigger.

We seem to be continually measuring fish of similar lengths and re-measuring what we had trying to separate out the larger ones. A couple around 900grams found themselves in one side of the well the other 3 well they just kept getting replaced.The last fish under 30cm fork went back around 1pm the 5 remaining all over that length.

We did have a couple of exciting moments with 2 big reds around 1.5 to 2kgs that didn’t look red when they hit the deck two very lucky fish on any other day other than a tournament……………Fred’s new blades worked a treat we found with a short leader and the Berkley Fireline Exceed there was no stretch and the blades vibrated furiously as soon as they were lifted. Obviously irresistible many were taken on the lift rather than the drop others on a slow roll across the bottom totally different to the lift and drop that I’m used to a great experience .

Having boated more than 40 Legal Bream in two days I’m convinced the new design are even better , we tried plastics and caught flathead, whiting and reds but only the bream came on the new blades.Wasabi Nick and Motor Oil seemed to work best but Black Saturn caught fish as well.

Thanks to Basin Lure and Fly and all their sponsors for such a great event and Ian Phillips supported by the committee for the excellent running on the day , we were Lucky 3.52 kgs was enough to take first place for us in our second win of the series.

The money lures

The money lures

Kind Regards Lindon Thompson and Fred Green and of course FG Blades / Exceed Fireline