Final Position in the CompetitionTeam Name AnglerLongest FlatheadCathegory
1Mako Eyewear Andy Clark904Male
1LuNic Nicole Turner730Female
Position in the CompetitionTeam Name AnglerLongest 5 Flathead Adults
1Mako EyewearGuy Jamieson3211
2Shoalhaven Marine Peter Greed3000
3No Hopers Ryan Robinson2950
Position in the CompetitionTeam Name Longest 5 Flathead Adult Team
1Kettle Road Roasters 3520
2Mako Eyewear 3225
3Shoalhaven Marine 3000
Position in the CompetitionAnglerLongest 5 Flathead Adult Teams
1Kettle Road Roasters 3520
2Mako Eyewear 3225
3Shoalhaven Marine 3000
4No Hopers 2970
5Your SHIIIIIIITe 2970
7Nowhere Near Em2885
8Team AFG 2820
9Team Iron Jack 2755
10GettinShimmy 2740
11You wish2725
12Savage Gear 2720
13Flickn4five 2710
14Sherriff Bros 2595
15Team Last Cast 2545
16Dusky Demons 2535
17What a Fat Catch 2505
18Team Stella 2460
19Vibelicious 2427
20Team Triton2420
21Reel Men 2410
22The happy hookers2410
23Team Abnormal 2390
24Bing Lee 2360
25Orangeville Boys 2340
26Team Bushytail 2330
27Walsh Brothers 2327
28Compleat Angler Kids Club2320
29Harden Up Princess 2296
30The Magpie Boys 2285
31McBarron Construction2173
32Hookers 2120
33Tackle Addict 1970
34Early Bait & Tackle 1955
35The Tillmans1950
36Zeikel Aus 1936
37Gamakatsu/ Bassday1898
38The King Tide1866
40Fiveninefishin 1670
41Sir Snag-A-Lot 1670
42Team Floppy 1640
43Carpe Diem 1560
44Team Skeeter 1550
45Team NFG1495
46Wurth a Flick 1470
47LuNic 1440
48CMT 1390
49DIY Kitchens 1354
50Chalker's Team 1250
51Team Jalis1175
52Playing Up1090
53Team Wiggloes 1065
54Compleat Angler Nowra/Suspect1062
55Shoalhaven Marine 21017
56Flatty Kings 985
57No Effect 985
58Cracka Flat / Compleat Angler South Nowra 981
59Captain Pugwash 940
60G-one fishin 940
61Aussie Pensioners902
62Smart Choice 895
63Wacker1 850
64Compleat Angler/ Millerods 820
65Misfit. 720
66Team Creeper 665
67Shimano 650
68Smokin Reels 600
69Wandy Creek Fly Fishing 590
70Compleat Angler Nowra / 4Brimin 530
71Kid Crock520
72Rodchuckerz 510
73Vella 500
74YA MUM 500
75Pro Lure 483
76Tram Nex 460
77Marks Painting Services 400
79Big n Little Willy
80Built to Fish
81DPI Fisheries
85Green Pickens
87Junior Flatty Flickers
88Keeping it Reel
92Should've Brought Bait
93Tripper Snipper
94Van Clan
Final Position in the CompetitionTeam Name Kayaker Longest 5 Flathead
1Compleat Angler Nowra Kevin Boese2770
2Garrick Micheal Garrick1837
3Grubby Jules 4 Julie Mehic1314
4The Varty Boys 2 Matthew Varty1177
5KEVO Kevo Varty1030
6Grubby Jules Ann-Maree McMullen 958
7The Varty Boys Troy Varty520
8Outback RodsMark Fisher 500
9Hobiescott Scott Barratt 445
10Chicken Legs Jason Smith435
11Flick N Twitch Johnathon Lawrence Smith K390
12Luckster Andrew Wright
13Team Wilson Bob Russo
14Red Rocket Evan Hinkley
15Silent Assassin Jared Crombie
16Big Riv River Etchells
17Hobie Trev Trevor Kemp
Final Position in the CompetitionTeam Name KayakerLongest Flathead
1The Varty Boys 2 Matthew Varty690
2KEVO Kevo Varty555
3Compleat Angler Nowra Kevin Boese540